The Technical Stuff...
There are different hammers for different nails and thats how we approach different projects in relation to our gear.  Occasionally clients ask what we like using and sharing some info below.

Gear Bag:

Cameras: Hasselblad H Series, RED Scarlett, Canon DSLRs, Quad and Octa Drone Rigs (FAA Part 107 certified)
Lights: Profoto, Photogenic, Canon TTLs
Processing: Full Macintosh WorkShop with Live Tethering Capabilities
Printing: Canon IPF 8400 44", Canon Pro-1


Studio: 10,000 sq Foot Studio - 15' Celling Height
Amenities: 400 sq ft private dressing room
Internet: Static IP - 350mb/50mb Bandwidth Speeds for remote viewing or live file delivery.


Q: How do you calibrate for color ?
A: Macbeth Color Checker System

Q: Do you provide RAW files from the shoot?
A: We always recommend we process the initial image to TIFF or PSD files.  We have the proper calibration profiles built for our cameras and experts when it comes to color control.  With that said, if there are circumstances that clients absolutely need the RAW file, please let us know.

Q: How do you deliver Digital Images ?
A: Commonly we use our Dropbox Account with shared download link, we can also upload to corporate FTP servers.